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BlueHenry LLC

Blue Henry Dehydrated Fruit Variety Pack

Blue Henry Dehydrated Fruit Variety Pack

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All incased in a bar friendly container, our most popular fruits: limes, lemons, oranges and blood oranges. Enough to provide a variety for your next event. Or gift to a friend.

ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Simply dehydrated blood orange slices and nothing else. NO added sugar, NO chemicals, NO preservatives, NO sulphites, NO artificial flavours, colours, or sweeteners. DRIED

EDIBLE AND GREAT FOR BAKING: Crafted in small batches with all natural ingredients to ensure peak freshness and flavour. Totally edible and thin sliced dried blood orange for use as a dried fruit cocktail garnish or to add to any favourite recipe.

10-15 slices of each fruit.

Made in USA


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